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Pressure Cushion for Vulvodynia sufferers

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We often get sent great feed back from our customers about our products, this week we received a particularly nice email from Liz in Northampton who suffers from Vulvodynia. We previously only had a small understanding of the condition, she has explained how much our Vulva Cushion has helped her and she hopes that it will help others in her position.

vulvodynia cushion vulva pain

Vulvodynia is an unexplained chronic pain syndrome of the Vulva that is relatively common although awareness of the condition doesn’t reflect this. Recent research suggests that more than 25% of women have experienced the symptoms at some point in their lives. The condition effects women of ages 20 to 60 but is more frequent in those below the age of 25. The pain can be excruciating and has been described as a burning, raw or stinging sensation.

Part of the email sent in from Liz can be seen below:

Dear Putnams,

I was just writing to let you know how useful I have found your Pressure Cushion. I’m 27 and suffer from Vulvodynia and over the last few years have purchased two of these cushions, one for my office chair and one for my car. Although I still have the condition, I can’t begin to explain the difference they've made. Before I bought the first one, sitting on an office chair all day was so excruciating that I thought I might have to give up work altogether. Luckily the cushion changed all that.

vulvodynia cushion sitting pain

Throughout this time I have also recommended these cushions to many other Vulvodynia sufferers as they have the potential to really improve our quality of life. Vulvodynia is an awful condition that impacts all areas of your life and there is no cure, so I think it’s really important that sufferers take all possible measures to alleviate the pain.

I was wondering if you might consider offering some information about Vulvodynia on your website to show sufferers how they may benefit from one of these cushions.

 With kind regards,


different thicknesses available

Please click below to view the product mentioned in this article:
The NHS choices page on Vulvodynia can be found here
Last year the Vulval Pain Society ran a conference in London so if you or someone you care about suffers from the condition then it is worth going to.
vulvodynia cushion helps with pain relief

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  • Joanne Haynes

    Is the Bonyparts Sero Pressure Cushion available. If so, do you ship to the U.S.?

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