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About Us

Putnams is a family run manufacturing business based in Plymouth, Devon.
We are proud to be an award winning, family-run, British, foam converter/manufacturer that has been making health care and back products since 1979.
We are leaders in back care and have been manufacturing comfort solutions for over 40 years. During this time we have expanded our range of pain relief products for everyday use, in the car, office and home. Our aim is to improve our customers posture, comfort and quality of life.
Our key product line focuses on health related comfort. Targeting areas such as back pain, posture, neck pain, sleep apnoea, acid reflux (GERD / GORD) , pressure relief to specific body regions, anti- snore, coccyx relief, lumbar support, post-surgery comfort, pregnancy comfort and general comfort.
We are renowned for our top quality, care to detail and are proud of our reputation. Putnam products are used and recommended by the medical profession, and are available through specialist outlets in Great Britain, and exported across the world.
We are passionate about our commitment to our customers and most of our products carry lengthy guarantees to reflect both this and our outstanding product quality.
Putnams was established by James and Katie Putnam (husband and wife) in 1979. It is now run by their two children (Hedley and Bubbles Putnam) with Katie still involved in a semi-retired role.

 2019 was a big year for us, we turned 40 and were finalists for two 'Family Business Of The Year' Awards!

The Herald Family Business of the year award 2019 - WINNER

The Herald Business of the year award Winner Putnam Health Co Ltd

*Unfortunately Hedley Putnam had been in a motorcycle accident the day before the award ceremony and so could not attend. 

 The Western Morning News Family Business of the year award 2019 - FINALIST

The Western Morning News Business of the year award Finalist Putnam Health Co Ltd Bubbles Hedley Catherine

 [Left to Right: Hedley, Katie & Bubbles Putnam]

Tel: +44 (0)1752 345678

Monday - Friday - 08:45 - 16:45


Fax: +44 (0)1752 340340

Putnam Health Co Ltd, Eastern Wood Road, Langage Industrial Estate, Plympton, Devon, PL7 5ET

Registered Business Number : 03364357