What is a butterfly pillow & how do you use one?

What is a butterfly pillow & how do you use one?

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What is a butterfly pillow?

A butterfly pillow is a pillow that is wider at the edges and tapers in the middle section. They are sometimes referred to as Japanese pillows.

A butterfly pillow can be used in many ways.

What does a butterfly pillow look like?

butterfly pillow looks like a butterfly that has been stretched sideways.

How to use a butterfly pillow?

butterfly pillow can be used in many situations and in many ways, it is a very versatile pillow. 

You can use a butterfly pillow for breastfeeding your child to either support the baby whilst nursing or used as a lumbar support behind your back.

cervical spondylosis neck tear pain pillow

You can use a butterfly pillow for cervical spondylosis. Place the butterfly pillow between yourself and your normal pillow (where your neck meets the pillow) for additional support. To hold it in place you can even place it inside your normal pillow case.

You can use the butterfly pillow for neck pain. As mentioned above you can use this supportive pillow with your normal pillow for additional support or even take it with you when traveling. It can be used by back, side and front sleepers for additional support.

You can use a butterfly pillow as a back rest or lumbar support. Simply place the pillow in the small of your back or even between your shoulder blades to ease sooting pains. Hold it in place by leaning against the back of a seat.

knee pain hips spread apart small cheap pillow

butterfly pillow can also be used between the knees to relieve hip and back pain when either sitting or sleeping in bed.

Where can I buy a butterfly pillow?

You can buy a butterfly pillow online here. It comes with a fitted, removable, washable cover and is made by hand in the UK.

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