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Prostatitis - What type of Cushion is Best? | Putnams

Prostatitis - What type of Cushion is Best?

prostatitis prostate exam cushion support sponge gel

Prostatitis is a name given to an inflammation or infection to the prostate gland. It is not the same as prostate cancer or and enlarged prostate however all three conditions cause pain and sensitivity in the same region of the body.

Due to the sensitive nature of the region sitting can be uncomfortable, especially for long periods making it difficult to get on with work as well as general day to day life. Because of these difficulties we worked with a Dr (Dr Huff) to design a pressure relief cushion for this specific area. 

The Sero Pressure Cushion with the DR Huff cut out has a specially shaped cut out targeting the prostate region to remove pressure when sitting. 

prostate Prostatitis cushion best review

As you can see from the above diagram when pressure mapped pressure is removed from the prostate region allowing those suffering to sit in comfort once again.

The cushion comes in two sizes:

- Standard 42.5cm x 41cm (ideal for car seats and office chairs)

- Armchair 49.5cm x 48cm (better for larger users in armchairs and on sofas)

and two thicknesses:

- 3" 

- 4" (recommended for heavier individuals)

Our cushions really do help and are bought and recommended by the NHS.

sero pressure cushion mapping prostate relief review how best cut out

As you can see above the cushion comes with either a black or blue (navy) stretch, zipped, washable cover. The covers stretch makes the cushion discreet whilst at the same time allowing airflow and allowing reduced pressure where it is needed most.

Please click here and read some of our wonderful product reviews of this exact cushion.

Also see our product demonstration video below. 

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