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Leather Sofa Restuffing Near Me - UK Specialists - We Collect

We are specialists in leather sofa cushion re stuffing. Leather cushions can stretch over time with wear and use. Stretching can form into wells that make your cushions look saggy.

We offer a leather sofa cushion refilling service

leather sofa cushion restuffing service near me refilling saggy seat stretched

We collect your covers from your door on a weekday that suits you and send them back refilled with plump foam so that they can look their best again. 

Leather sofa cushion repair

leather sofa cushion restuffing before and after UK Putnams saggy stretched gone flat

We offer a range of different foam densities ranging from soft to very firm. Speak with us over the phone and we can recommend a foam based on your requirements.

Reasons to get your leather sofa cushions refilled?

  1. Make your sofa look new again - plump cushions will breathe a second life into your sofa
  2. Standing up will be easier - being a bit higher up will help those with tired knees
  3. Kinder to your wallet - refilling your existing cushions is cheaper than buying a whole new suite
  4. Kinder to the planet -  keep your sofa out of landfill and don't use up new resources in a newer sofa 
  5. Better for bad backs - if you are going for a firmer refill your back will thank you.

How much does leather sofa cushion re stuffing cost?

leather sofa cushion restuffing before and after foam sponge filling

It can vary depending on the size of your cushion. Pricing can be anywhere from £70-120 per cushion. This includes expert fitting by our team and fibre and stockinette is included with all our sofa cushions. 

Call us for a quote 01752 345678 or email info@putnams.co.uk

Leather sofa re stuffing near me

suede leather sofa cushion refilling how much does it cost near me

We offer a nationwide service. We collect your cushion covers from your door on a weekday that suits you and send them back professionally refitted. All you need to do is package them up. We take care of the rest including the label. 

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