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Laura Ashley & G Plan Sofa Cushion Refilling - UK Collection

Do you have a Laura Ashley or G Plan sofa/suite that is looking a bit flat, saggy or tired? We specialise in sofa cushion refilling and can collect your covers from your door on a weekday that suits you. Our service is offered throughout the UK.

What is sofa cushion restuffing?

Sofa cushion refilling takes saggy, flat and tired looking cushions (where the filling has lost its bounce over time) and replaces the inner with a custom fitting foam core that will always bounce back after use. 

Can I pick the firmness of the new sofa cushion filling?

Yes, of course. Our service allows you to pick a density of foam that you prefer. We offer anything from soft, medium, hard or very hard as well as everything in between.

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How does your sofa cushion refilling service work?

  • Call us with your cushion sizes for a rough quote (01752 345678 /
  • If you want to go ahead we can arrange a cushion cover collection for £10 on a work day that suits you from your door (label supplied by courier).
  • Once we have the cushions we remeasure and re quote (if at this stage you are unhappy we send them back to you for free). We then take payment over the phone and the cushions are put into our job queue. 
  • We refill your cushion covers and send them back to you with a foam filling of your choice.

Our friendly office team will guide you through the full process and be a point of contact should you have any questions.

How much does sofa cushion refilling cost?

Depending on the size and thickness of your cushions it can cost from £60-130 per cushion. Contact us with your sizes for a quote (01752 345678 /

sofa cushion refilling Putnams UK Laura Ashley G Plan

What fabrics can we refill?

We refill all covers including upholstery fabric, velvet, leather, suede etc.

What are the benefits of having your sofa cushions refilled?

  • Cost - refilling your existing cushions is cheaper than purchasing a whole new sofa/suite/armchair.
  • Look - refilling with foam improves the look of sofa cushions and removes the sagginess in the cover. 
  • Comfort - saggy and flat cushions are uncomfortable to sit on.
  • Back pain - having full cushions reduces back ache when sitting and makes standing up easier.
  • Eco - refilling cushions in your existing sofa stops it going to landfill unnecessarily.

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  • We have three ’LA Padstow ’ sofas, one 190cm overall. and two 170cm overall, (7 cushions,} could you give me some idea of price for new infills for the cushions to be sat on.

    Richard Anscombe on

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