How To Make Getting Up From A Sofa Easier

How To Make Getting Up From A Sofa Easier

how to make getting up from a sofa easier joints pain lifting body ache firm cushions back pain

After injury or as you get older getting up and down from chairs, armchairs and sofas can become harder. It can feel like it takes more momentum and strength to stand up from a sitting position, especially a low sofa/settee.

To make it easier to stand up a firmer cushion is preferable as you sink into it less to begin with so start at a higher level when trying to stand up. Firmer sofa cushions are also better for bad backs as they don't allow as much curvature of the spine.

We offer a sofa cushion refilling service that can not only make getting up from the sofa easier but also make your (perhaps) tired looking cushions brand new without the need for constant plumping/fluffing.

Our complete sofa cushion refilling service works like this:

  1. Call us with your sofa cushion width x Depth x Height for an instant quote over the phone. We can quote you in soft, medium, firm and anything in between although if you are finding it hard to get up and down or if you have a bad back we recommend you select a medium/firmer filling.
  2. If you are happy with the price send us your covers via tracked delivery. Once we get your covers we re-measure and re-quote. If you are not happy at this stage we send you your covers back on a tracked service for free.
  3. If you are happy to go ahead we then refill your covers to their exact shape and size. Making them full, leaving no sagging look to the covers.
  4. We then send them back to you refilled on a tracked delivery service.

sofa cushion refilling replacement firm foam no plump

The whole process can take 4-10 working days (once we have received your covers) depending on how busy we are.

All foam is UK made and meets all UK fire standards (BS 5852) for you and your family's peace of mind.

Average cost per cushion can vary depending on the cushions size and thickness, typically between £40 - £90.

With all our sofa cushions we include fibre and stockinette which is a covering over the foam that guarantees a good fit and easy cover removal for future washing.

leather sofa cushion refilling back pain getting up hard easier how to stand

Another option is we can cut very firm foam wedges to go at the back of the sofa underneath your existing cushions to raise/ angle the cushions and make standing up easier. We can cut these to size/shape/angle to suit your specific needs and sofa size.

Call us for an instant quote:

01752 345678

08:45- 16:45 Monday - Friday

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