Headboard foam

Headboard foam

Did you know as well as creating finished made products from our Devon factory we also supply foam cut to size. We often get asked to supply headboard foam cut to size. 

headboard foam uk cut to size template

The thickness of the foam can vary dependent on the type of look or style you are trying to achieve. Other than a simple and easy approach of simply gluing a piece of foam and fibre to a wooden backing and stapling the cover to the back there are more advanced headboard types:

  • Standard button tufting
  • Deep diamond tufting
  • Nailhead border (COM)
beautiful bed


Youtube is a good source of education if you are attempting one of these more complicated techniques. 

We can supply you the foam for your headboard. Let us know the thickness you are after. Foam for headboards can vary in thickness depending on the style. Anywhere from 0.5" to 2" thick. 

3/4" (2cm) is a good thickness as it is easier to work with and bends well. 

If you have a paper template and would like your foam cut to size send it to us in the post. We can quote you on the phone before sending to give you an accurate price.

With headboards we can also supply fibre. Fibre is a poly wadding layer that is glued to the foam to give it a rounder, fuller look. We can attach this to the foam in house if you prefer. 

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Give us a call or email for more information.

01752 345678 info@putnams.co.uk

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