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Can Sofa Cushions be Refilled? Sofa Cushion Filling Replacement

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Can Sofa Cushions be Refilled?

Yes, Absolutely!

Putnams offer a complete sofa cushion filling replacement to replace saggy, uncomfortable, squashed cushions with new foam cushion inserts to bring them back to life! There is no need to buy a whole new sofa or three piece suite if your cushion infills can be replaced, making it better for the environment and much more cost effective too....

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Why Foam is the Best Sofa Cushion Filling?

Unlike feather or fibre fillings, a foam cushion refill retains its shape, does not squash down over time or need constant plumping.  This makes foam the perfect choice for using in sofa cushions for long term comfort and support.

Which Foam is Best for Sofa or Armchair Cushions?

Foam is available in a variety of densities and can be cut to size to suit each of your cushions.  The Putnams team are happy to advise on the different types of foam available and makes suggestions on whether to have a soft, medium or firm density foam depending on the depth of your cushion along with your preference for how you would like them to feel.

What Types of Cushions can be Refilled?

Any cushion that can be detached from your sofa or armchair and have a zipped removable cushion cover can be refilled with foam. These include seat cushions, back cushions, side or scatter cushions.

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How much does Sofa Cushion Refilling Cost?

The price of each new foam insert for sofa or armchair cushions depends on the size of the cushion.  Prices vary between approximately £60 - £120 each.  Putnams are happy to provide a no obligation quote for cushion refilling. Simply call us on 01752 345678 or email with approximate measurements of your cushions and we will provide guide prices to you.

How do I get my Sofa Cushions Refilled?

  1. Measure your cushions and give us a call for an approximate quote on  01752 345678 or email We will be happy to discuss and advise on the different densities of foam (soft, medium or firm) available to refill your cushions.  
  2. If you are happy with the quote you can either send us your cushion covers (we recommend using a tracked service) or we can arrange a courier collection from you for just £10. Alternatively if you live local to us in Devon, you can drop the covers into our showroom.
  3. Once we receive your cushion covers we re-measure and clarify the price for your sofa cushions to be refilled. If at this point you are not happy as the price has changed too much (very rare) we will send your cushion covers back to you for FREE.
  4. If you are happy to go ahead and have your cushions refilled, we will take payment and your cushion covers will be passed to our foam specialists.  We try and turn around all cushion refills within one week (although this may be slightly longer at extremely busy times)
  5. We wrap all of our new cushion foam inserts with fibre and stockinette before placing them into your covers to ensure that each cushion has a plump full looking look and feel.
  6. Once completed your cushions will be sent back to you via a courier on a tracked service. 

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