How to: reduce pressure when sitting.

How to: reduce pressure when sitting.


How to reduce pressure on your bony parts when sitting.

Do you suffer from pain when sitting? Pain when sitting can be caused by placing too much pressure on your ischial tuberosities (the pair of sitting bones), these bones are covered by muscle whilst in an upright position however when seated these bones are uncovered and take the weight of your body.
Many people experience problems when sitting due to related conditions such as Ischial bursitis (inflammation of the bursa), pressure sores / ulcers and Myofascial pain syndrome (MPS), also known as chronic myofascial pain (CMP).
Pressure map produced when sitting
Pressure map produced when sitting.
The most important thing you can do is to remove the cause of the problem which is to remove pressure from the affected region. We offer our sero pressure cushions with optional Bony parts cut outs which is a cut out specifically designed to reduce pressure from the ischial tuberosities. The sitting bones themselves make up a rounded “T” shape when connected. We have removed this shape from the cushion removing pressure and therefore pain.
Sero Pressure Cushion Bonyparts Cut out.
Pressure map of Sero Pressure Cushion Bony parts Cut Out (Cut out towards bottom of image).
Our cushions come with a black / blue removable zipped washable cover. Once the cover is on the cushion the cut out is no longer visible allowing you to enjoy comfort discreetly.
Sero pressure cushion bonyparts cut out T shape egg box
As you can see above the cut out's are very discreet once the cover is on making them ideal for a busy office environment.
The Bony parts cushion comes at two thickness' (7.5cm or 10cm) and two sizes (42.5cm x 41cm or 49.5cm x 48cm) dependent on the users weight and preferred chair.
All of our Sero Pressure cushions are British Made and covers are hand made.
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Our complete range of Sero Pressure Cushions.


  • Belkis

    I am suffering with hamstring tendinopathy, sitting is soo painful I need a cushion to release pressure

  • Mrs Sheila cowell

    What do you advise for me. I’ve got osteoporosis and arthritis, and now just been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. I only weigh 8 stone, so quite boney. Especially hips thighs which the bones density is bad. So I’m literally sitting on the bones , on your graph and lower spine, through injury. So can’t sleep at night even lying on them hurst.

  • Putnams Management

    To buy the cushion either call us 01752 345678 or go to: – Putnams Management

  • Cath Varley

    Hi, I’m suffering from Proximal hamstring tendonopathy on my LHS would one of your Ischial tuberosities pressure cushion be suitable as sitting is a nightmare?. Thanks

  • Jim King

    I have bursitis of my hips. I have seen cushions that have holes 6 inches a part. Will the cutouts in your cushion accommodate wider hips? If not how would I go about measuring the distance between my hip bones?

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