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Are you sitting comfortably? Managing Chronic pain - #timetotalk

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Today, Thursday the 4th of February, is Time to Talk Day – a yearly event run by the charity Time to Change which encourages people to find time to talk about mental health.

Talking about illness is so valuable, and with mental health problems affecting at least 1 in 4 people each year there really is no time like the present to be open about how mental health affects your life.

Chronic pain has a huge correlation to mental health conditions such as depression or anxiety, and all aspects of disability deserve more time at the forefront of conversations. It’s the best way to reduce stigma and it would benefit everyone if we could see our physical and mental health as parts of the same story.

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Chronic pain can have many causes and diagnoses, but the broad definition would be consistent pain that persists for 12 weeks or more. It may be specific to one part of your body, or widespread. Any symptoms this persistent can grind you down, and the route to diagnosis can often be a long and complicated path.

Caring for yourself when you live with a chronic pain condition can be difficult, and although there is absolutely no substitute for making an appointment with your GP to discuss options for diagnosis and treatment, it can often be a case of trying many different things to see what helps.

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Taking control of your treatment and trying new approaches can be empowering, especially when you find something that helps! If you’re exploring options for managing your pain, it’s often quite appealing to look for non-medicinal choices, with far less risks of side effects and no limit to how often you can use them. With that in mind, I’d like to share a product that might help with one of the most common types of chronic pain – back pain.

Your posture has an awful lot to answer for. Did you know that poor posture can dramatically influence back and neck pain? By updating the surface you sit on, you can encourage better posture without making any drastic changes to your lifestyle.


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When you sit on a wedge such as this one , your pelvis becomes tilted forward, helping your spine to maintain the natural S Shape. Wedges with a coccyx cut out reduce pressure on the base of your spine, helping to combat lower back pain. All our sitting wedges come with a carry handle so you can use them on the move, making them ideal for travelling.

If you’re sceptical about whether any of these products will help you, why not try one with our 14 day no quibble returns policy. The only commitment you’re making is a commitment to improving your posture.

So, in the spirit of #timetotalk day, let’s make our conversation about caring for all parts of yourself – your physical and your mental health. There is never one without the other.


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Written by Ruby Coles.
back pain sitting posture bad neck office wedge cushion
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  • Dee

    I don’t have back pain . Just arm , leg and shoulder pain

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