Will a Bed Wedge Help Me Sleep With a Cough?

Will a Bed Wedge Help Me Sleep With a Cough?

A Bed Wedge helps to lift your upper body while laying in bed, elevating the head and providing relief from an annoying persistent cough.

Many people find that sleeping on an incline will help to combat an annoying night time cough and a Bed Wedge Triangle Pillow is the perfect product to help.

Piling up your usual pillows can lead to neck pain and further discomfort,  but a Bed Wedge Pillow or Full Mattress Tilter Wedge will provide the raised angle that your body requires while keeping it perfectly in line.

Our high quality Bed Wedge Pillows are a triangle shaped pillow specifically designed and manufactured in the UK to provide comfort and support while sleeping, providing relief from coughs and colds or acid reflux which interrupt a good nights sleep.

We all know that a good nights sleep is crucial to overcoming any illness, so why not invest in a good quality Bed Wedge Pillow.

Alternatively we are able to supply a full length Mattress Tilter Wedge which can be used under your existing mattress to gently tilt your mattress, placing your head above your torso, providing relief from a night time cough.

A Bed Wedge Pillow or Mattress Tilter are a popular choice to aid comfort and provide relief for a range of respiratory illness including Flu, Pneumonia, Chest Infections or a similar virus. 

Recommended by the Oesophageal Patients Association (OPA).




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