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Wedge Pillow - What Do They Help With? - 4 Ways To Use

Bed wedge pillows can be used in a variety of ways to help with different comfort/health problems.

What is a wedge pillow?

A wedge pillow is a triangular shaped pillow. They can vary in angle and length. It is better to go for a wedge pillow with a long gentle slope like this one. If the slope is too extreme in angle it makes sleep difficult due to the unnatural "sitting up" position.

bed wedge pillow

What can wedge pillows help with?

Wedge pillows can be used in a variety of ways to comfort and heal different problems. The most common is acid reflux and associated problems that affect the esophagus (GERD, GORD, heartburn, silent reflux, Esophageal cancer etc.) they can also be used to help with swollen legs and feet (oedema) and more (see below).

4 ways to use a wedge pillow

Here we walk you through 4 ways you can use a wedge pillow.

1. At the head of the bed

wedge pillow how to use what do they do?

With the thicker end placed at the top of the bed this is the most popular use for a wedge pillow. This positioning is most popular for acid related discomfort. The angle tilts the head above the torso creating a gravitational pull that keeps the acid down.

2. Leaning against, sitting upright in bed

leaning against pillow to sit upright wedge cushion

Placing the thicker end at the top of the bed with the wedge on it's end this position creates a gentle slope for you to lean against. This makes sitting up in bed more comfortable. This position is great for watching TV, eating, drinking, reading, working from bed or being on a phone/tablet.

3. To raise your knees above your feet

pillow to lift knees above feet angle wedge cushion Putnams UK

Raising your knees may be advised if you are recovering from surgery or have sores under your thighs to take pressure off.

4. To raise your feet

bed wedge pillow cushion to lift heels off bed lift legs and feet for oedema

Raising your feet can greatly reducing feet and leg swelling (oedema). It can also be advised post surgery. Hanging your heels over the end of the wedge provides pressure sore relief.

Which is the best wedge pillow?

The Putnam bed wedge was voted the UK's number 1 bed wedge pillow by the mattress guide. About this bed wedge pillow:

  • Handmade in the UK
  • Comes with a 2 year guarantee
  • Fitted, washable cover included
  • Gentle slope (so that you can actually sleep)
  • Over 400+ verified customer reviews (4.6 star average at time of writing)

best rated bed wedge pillow in the UK Putnams

bed wedge review Putnam UK

wedge pillow reviews UK Putnams

wedge pillow review Putnams UK


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