Vulvodynia (Vulva Pain) - How To Treat

Vulvodynia (Vulva Pain) - How To Treat

Vulvodynia diagnosis:

Vulvodynia is a condition that causes pain and discomfort to the vulva including burning, stinging and throbbing, some people say it can feel like a UTI.

Unfortunately it is currently quite difficult to be diagnosed with this condition, other related conditions include Vaginismus, IBS, painful periods and Interstitial Cystitis.

The condition can be especially painful when sitting down. If you have not yet been diagnosed it is recommended by NHS online to arrange an appointment with your GP.

Types of Vulvodynia?

There are two main types of Vulvodynia; provoked and unprovoked. One is caused by a direct stimulus such as touch, tight clothing or applying a product (provoked) and unprovoked seems to have no cause.

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Vulvodynia how to treat:

Treatment for Vulvodynia can be listed by your GP but include:

  • What to wear? Wearing loose fitting clothing (avoid wearing "skinny" or tight fitting trousers, & shorts, instead opt for skirts where possible).
  • Triggers? Avoiding scented or perfumed intimate products.
  • What to do? Sitting on a specialised cushion.

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Vulvodynia how to help?

Many women, trans men and cis gender individuals that suffer from vulva pain or Vulvodynia can feel very isolated due to the stigma or perceived embarrassment attached to the condition. This should not be the case. Instead look for a local support group or head online to a private Facebook group or join a forum online. Knowing you are not alone but instead one of many will give you hope and also share advice.

Vulvodynia relief?

We have spoken to many people who suffer with this condition that have been pointed towards our cushion by fellow forum or group members. We have worked with a Doctor to develop this cushion with a specialist cut-out to relieve pressure on this sensitive region. It is manufactured in the UK and comes with a 2 year guarantee. It is also made from CertiPUR® foam.

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We know that people can be conscious of this condition so the cushion is designed with a stretch cover that discreetly hides the cut-out whilst still offering pressure relief and ventilation making it perfect for a busy home, office or when travelling. We have also had our cushion pressure mapped to further demonstrate the pressure relief. 

For more information on this cushion and to go to the product page click here.

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