the best knee pillows- a comprehensive buying guide Putnams UK

The Best Knee Pillows - A Comprehensive Buying Guide

Knee pillows are a popular choice for providing orthopedic support, lower back pain relief, and comfortable positioning while you sleep. We take you through the different types of pillows available and offer advice on which one is best suited to your needs.

What is a knee pillow?

which knee pillow is the best to buy firmest softest memory foam Putnams UK

A knee pillow is usually a small shaped or shapeless cushion that goes between the knees to keep them separated during sleep or awake. The pillow keeps the hips better aligned which is useful for pain relief, post surgery and for improved posture. They can come with or without fixing straps and contain different fillings as well as different cover materials.

Consider size and shape

size and shape of a knee pillow and its filling which is best design

Consider the size and shape of the pillow when making your purchase. Knee pillows come in a rectangular, square, contoured or triangular shapes. Different shapes provide different levels of support and comfort. For a more contoured design standard foam or memory foam pillows can provide additional ergonomic support. Additionally, consider how much space is available in your bed and make sure you choose one which won’t restrict your movement while sleeping.

Think about fillings

Filling options knee pillow foam memory foam wool fibre organic buckwheat hulls husks

Consider the various filling and foam options available and think about which one best suits your needs. Popular types of filling include standard foam, memory foam, British wool and organic buckwheat hulls. Memory foams are a good choice as they naturally adjust to the shape of your body when you move during sleep.

Consider firmness

knee pillow soft medium firm filling which is best Putnams UK

Choosing the right firmness for your knee pillow is essential, as this will ensure a comfortable and restful sleep experience. Knee pillows can range from soft, fluffy cushions to firmer, contoured styles. To get the best support and comfort, consider what sort of sleeper you are and find the right mix of cushioning and softness that works for you.

Take a look at the cover options

100% cotton cover with adjustable leg strap knee pillow Putnams

When it comes to the cover of your knee pillow, there are a few different options. Look for covers made from breathable and durable materials like 100% cotton. You might also want to consider sleeping with a cover designed with a built in strap to hold the pillow in place against your leg during sleep.

Natural v's synthetic fillings

Synthetic fillings such as foam and memory foam hold their shape better. However it is becoming more popular to choose a natural filling. Choose British wool as softer alternative and organic buckwheat hull knee pillows for a firmer feel.

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The Best Knee Pillows - A Comprehensive Buying Guide

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