Sciatica Cushions - Do they actually help?

Sciatica Cushions - Do they actually help?

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Are you experiencing pain, numbness or tingling in your buttocks, legs and feet? You could be suffering from sciatica, a common condition that occurs when something presses on your sciatic nerve that runs from your lower back down to your feet.

A quality sciatica cushion can help ease pain caused by sciatica so you can go about your life and still perform day-to-day activities until your sciatica symptoms improve.

In this blog post we answer:

  1. What is a sciatica cushion?
  2. Do sciatica cushions work?
  3. Does sitting on a cushion help sciatica?
  4. How to use a sciatica cushion?
  5. Best sciatica cushion for car, chair, recliner and driving?
  6. Where to buy sciatica cushion?
  7. Sciatica cushion reviews?

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What is a sciatica cushion?

Doctors say that patients with sciatica should use proper posture to ease and prevent sciatica pain, according to the NHS.

A sciatica cushion is specially designed to ease pressure across the backs of your legs when sitting. A sciatica cushion helps you maintain even pressure distribution and provide adequate support to ease pressure on your sciatic nerve.

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Do sciatica cushions work?

Sciatica cushions will not treat or heal sciatica, but they can help ease your discomfort as you recover.

Patients say that sciatica cushions can help relieve shooting pain and lower back discomfort experienced when sitting. A sciatica cushion can also prevent numbness and tingling in your legs.

Sciatica cushions work by dispersing your weight evenly so there’s less pressure on your spine.

How to use a sciatica cushion?

It’s important to know that sciatica cushions come in various shapes and sizes. A sciatica cushion that is designed to be used in a sitting position can simply be placed on a chair or car seat to offer additional support.

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Does sitting on a cushion help with sciatica?

Although a sciatica cushion won’t cure your sciatica condition, it can help you get through your day without experiencing intense shooting pain and numbness in your legs (the main gripes of people suffering with the condition).

The best sciatica cushion provides relief when you need it most. Some people with sciatica experience pain while sitting, while others have more intense pain when they lay down.

Choose a sciatica cushion that is designed for the situation when you need the most relief.

Best sciatica cushion for car, chair, recliner and driving?

A Putnam’s Sciatica Cushion is the perfect solution when you experience pain while sitting upright - whether you’re at work, in the car, or relaxing at home. The cushion’s profiled surface has been proven to reduce pressure and redistribute weight when sitting (compared to a standard cushion). This cushion is available in different sizes depending on where you will be using it most.

The Putnam’s standard sciatica cushion is 3 inches thick and the deluxe version - recommended for heavier individuals - is 4 inches thick.

All our sciatica cushions are made by hand in our devon factory, come with a 2 year guarantee and come with a zipped, washable cover included in either black or navy.

mattress topper for sciatica pain in bed shooting backs of legs spine

If you experience intense pain when laying down, consider the Ripple mattress topper (which has the same "egg box" profile) and will relieve pressure on your body at night.

Where to buy a sciatica cushion?

You can purchase sciatica cushions online or from specialist mobility shops and pharmacies. To purchase online click here.

Sciatica cushion reviews?

We have many 5 star reviews of our sciatica cushion, please see some below.

Sciatica cushion review reviews honest verified Putnams

sciatica cushion reviews honest UK company made in the UK

Sciatica cushion review where to buy uk

Trust Putnams when you need relief

Putnams Sciatica Cushions are made with care by our team in Devon. Each product comes with a 2-year guarantee and a 14-day return policy.

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For 40 years, Putnams has produced quality comfort products recommended by medical professionals.

The family-owned company is also committed to reducing its impact on the environment. Putnams has partnered with several environmental groups, using more environmentally friendly materials, and utilizing locally sourced products whenever possible.

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