New product - Graphite Latex Pillow - Height Adjustable

New product - Graphite Latex Pillow - Height Adjustable

We are super excited to announce our latest pillow!

Welcome to the springy and height adjustable world of our graphite latex pillow.

The pillow is made from 4 sections of 2.5cm latex. The height of the pillow can be altered by removing or inserting the four sections. The pillow can therefore be 2.5cm, 5cm, 7.5cm or 10cm in height.

Because this pillow is height adjustable it is suitable for all types of sleepers (back, side and front).

four layer height adjustment change height of pillow

Graphite latex is our favourite material!

Made by plants, cooling, anti microbial, biodegradable, eco friendly, vegan friendly, supportive, springy, chemical free, the list goes on!

Graphite latex is cool to touch, supportive and springy. It really is like sleeping on a plant made cloud.

In-built channels in the latex also provide additional ventilation keeping you cool while you sleep.

supportive and springy woman lying on a pillow bed

This pillow has been designed in house by our team and is also made by us in our Devon factory.

Included with the pillow is a white cotton stretch cover. The cover is zipped, removable and washable. Every cover is hand sewn by our skilled sewing machinists.

To reflect the quality of the pillow it comes with a 1 year guarantee. 

designed and made in devon pillow putnams uk


Did you know we also make and sell a 5cm graphite latex mattress topper and a graphite latex bed wedge.

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