Natural Pregnancy Pillows - Which is Best?

New: Natural Pregnancy Pillows - Which is Best?

We are excited to announce two new pillows in our pregnancy pillow range.

We have chosen the best materials for you and your growing bump:

British wool (OEKO-TEX standard 100) as a filling because it is natural, doesn't shed micro plastics and is biodegradable at end of life. It is also hypoallergenic, anti-dust mite and has been proven to increase the length and deepness of sleep.

British wool pillows nursing baby pregnancy multi use local made UK Putnams


100% cotton as a cover. Cotton is breathable, natural, moisture whicking and soft against your skin.

Both pillows contain 100% British wool fillings and have 100% cotton outer covers.

Back & Bump Pillow

back and bump pillow tummy side sleeping lift bump Putnams UK wool

The first product supports your bump and back whilst side sleeping during pregnancy. You can change the distance between the pillows depending how far along you are. This product is easy to switch sides whilst asleep and supports both your growing belly and back with the wedges cushions.

british wool 100% cotton cover pregnancy pillow for side sleeping Putnams UK

The pillows are detachable for use separately i.e knee and back/ knee and belly. The pillows can also be stacked for later use under your infant while feeding or under each elbow for support.

4 in 1 Pregnancy & Feeding Cushion

4 in 1 pregnancy pillow bump support side sleeping tummy time natural materials chemical free Putnams UK

This second product is a 4 in 1 solution to be used from 1st trimester to 1st steps. The product comes as two separate pillows that can be attached via a sleeve. The larger moon shaped cushion can be used in bed. It goes between your knees and supports you on your side.

pregnancy cushion pillow British wool filling wipe clean waterproof multi use Putnams UK

You can also lean against it for support when sat up, use it for feeding, tummy time and as a back rest. The distance between the two pillows is adjusted by twisting the sleeve so that the pillow can grow with you. This product comes with an inner waterproof, wipe clean cover and an external 100% cotton cover which can be removed for washing.

pillows handmade in the UK by mums Putnams UK

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