Neck Cushions - Do they help? Which is the best neck pillow?n do they help with posture neck pain and headaches Putnams

Neck Cushions - Do they help? Which is the best neck pillow?

What is a neck pillow?

A neck pillow is any pillow or cushion that supports the head or neck. Sometimes they can also support the shoulders. They can vary in size, shape, material and design.

Can neck pillows help?

 Neck pillows can help reduce:

how can a new pillow help cause neck ache and pain shoulder headaches back pain Putnams

  • neck ache & pain
  • shoulder tension (between the shoulder blades)
  • headaches
  • back pain

They do this by supporting your spine, neck and head properly.

Can neck pillows cause headaches?

 Yes, neck pillows that do not provide the right support can cause headaches. A proper pillow like the Putnam Pillow can reduce or even stop headaches associated with sleep.

putnam pillow neck shoulder head support best for headaches uk

What are the best pillows to support your neck?

Different pillow fillings offer different levels of support.

  • A foam pillow offers excellent support and hold's its shape over time.
  • A wool pillow is natural but may not offer as much support. Find one with an adjustable filling like this one.
  • A latex Pillow is natural and offers similar support to foam pillows & hold their shape.
  • A buckwheat hull pillow is natural and the filling can be altered to suit. This pillow is on the firm side.

Different pillow filling types what which is the best support comfort neck pain Putnams

Which neck pillow is best for travel?

You can buy neck pillows for travel. They tend to be smaller and can be used either during travel (such as in a car, train or plane) or for sleep once you have reached your destination.

Travel sleep pillow (while travelling) 

The Butterfly Pillow is perfect for sleep during transit; you can place it:

  1. against your seat or window for sleeping upright
  2. in the small of your back for lumbar support on the go
  3. in with your pillow for additional neck support
  4. between your knees (when side sleeping) to ease hip pain

butterfly pillow putnams

Travel sleep pillow (once at destination)

The travel Putnam Pillow is great for sleep. It is made from foam and supports your head neck and shoulders whilst being small enough to fit in a carry on bag.

Putnam Travel Pillow

Do neck cushions help posture?

Posture is more related to standing and sitting than sleeping posture. However, you spend 33% of your life in bed so it is important to correctly support your spine. Finding a pillow that keeps your spine aligned during sleep is crucial. The Putnam Pillow is our top recommendation for side and back sleepers. There is even a guide to helping you find the right size.

A neck cushion, like the Rest-a-head, in a high backed chair can help support the head, neck and shoulders whilst sitting (this is the best neck cushion for a sofa).

If you are sat in a chair for long periods of the day and have back pain you could consider a lumbar roll like this one to improve your sitting posture.

rest a head armchair pillow high backed chair neck head shoulders best back pillow putnams

Do neck support cushions help with neck pain?

The correct pillow will support your head neck and shoulders and reduce neck pain while sleeping. The wrong pillow could cause neck pain. We recommend the Putnam Pillow for back and side sleepers. This is the best neck and back pillow.

Where to buy neck cushions near me?

We manufacture and sell over 100 different pillows including a large range of neck pillows. Our pillows are designed and made in the UK by hand. Shop our range of neck cushions here.

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Where to get cushions made near me?

We make all our head, neck and shoulder cushions by hand in the UK from our Devon factory. Shop our range of neck cushions here or get in contact with our lovely people for more advice. 

01752 345678

Beck neck pillow without memory foam?

Here is our best 3 neck pillows without memory foam:

best non memory foam pillows UK reviewed

  1. The Putnam Pillow - different sizes available, take our quiz.
  2. The Butterfly Pillow - small and versatile (likened to Japanese style pillow).
  3. The rest-a-head - ideal for high backed chairs.

Best neck pillow with memory foam?

Here is our best 3 neck pillows with memory foam:

Best memory foam pillows UK neck back pain cushions

  1. The Memory Foam Putnam Pillow - different sizes available, take our quiz.
  2. Anti-snore Memory Foam Contour Pillow - this pillow keeps your airways open for anti-snoring properties.
  3. Memory Foam Travel Putnam Pillow - A travel sized version of our best-selling pillow.

All of our neck pillows come with removable, washable covers included.

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