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How To Use A Bed Wedge - 5 Different Ways

We design and manufacture Europe's largest range of bed wedges. Bed wedges are most commonly used to treat acid reflux and similar esophageal conditions however they can be used in many ways.

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In this blog post we will show you how to use a standard bed wedge pillow, we have 5 recommended ways to use one.

1. At the head of the bed for head and torso elevation.

acid reflux bed wedge how to use a wedge pillow 5 ways Putnams UK

This is probably the most popular use for the bed wedge by our customers. Having the head and torso angled in this way stops acid seeping upwards during the night by allowing gravity to do it's thing. Acid reflux is not the only reason why people use a wedge this way. We get many reviews (including one by the Independents Indy buy team) stating it reduces snoring too. The bed wedge is also great post-surgery to elevate the face (for a variety of facial & eye surgeries).

2. Against the headboard for sitting up in bed.

how to use a bed wedge pillow 5 ways sitting up in bed leaning against the headboard

This is another great use for a bed wedge. Sitting bolt upright at 90 degrees is unnatural and uncomfortable. The angle of the bed wedge takes the strain off the back and allows you to sit up in bed with a more relaxed posture. This is great for people that are bed bound and need to eat, read or watch TV upright in bed.

3. With the thicker end under your knees (elevate knees above feet).

how to use a bed wedge different ways elevate the knees above the feet pillow Putnams UK

Use the thicker end of the wedge pillow under your knees with the thinner end towards your feet. This keeps your knees elevated which can be required for post surgery recovery or health reasons.

4. With the thinner end under your knees (elevate feet).

how to use a bed wedge different ways pillow to elevate feet rest heels over edge pressure sores raw sore bottom of feet Putnams UK

Elevate your feet by placing the thicker end of the bed wedge pillow under your feet. You can either have the heels resting at the top of the wedge or hanging over the end if heel sores are or could be an issue. This positioning is great to reduce feet and leg swelling by draining excess fluid away. It an also be recommended by medical professionals for a variety of health conditions.

5. During pregnancy to support your bump.

wedge to go under bump when pregnant and side sleeping UK Putnams

Laying on your side is recommended during pregnancy but it can be hard to get comfortable. You can use the wedge under you to angle your bump into a comfortable position. The wedge is a gentle slope, we recommend moving the wedge pillow around until you find the best angle/position for you.

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5 ways to use a bed wedge pillow cushion

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