how to use a bed wedge 3 ways and which way is best

How To Use A Bed Wedge - 3 Ways & Which Is Best?

A bed wedge is a triangular shaped pillow. Ideal in promoting comfort and health, they are useful for an array of conditions, such as: acid reflux, chesty coughs, sinus infections, post surgery, lymphatic drainage and more.

Three ways to use a bed wedge.

1. To elevate your head and torso

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This tends to be the most popular way to use a bed wedge. Simply place the bed wedge at the top of the bed with the thickest part under your head. Using a bed wedge this way keeps the top of your body elevated. 

Health benefits of elevated head and torso during sleep:

Acid reflux is a very popular use of this positioning. Gravity holds the acid from the stomach down preventing burning and discomfort sensations. A perfect candidate for those seeking a drug-free-natural treatment for acid reflux during sleep.

This can be done when lying in a bed, or, on a sofa.

2. To elevate your feet and legs

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Place the bed wedge pillow at the bottom of the bed with the thickest part either under your knees or under your toes (see image). When using with the thickest part under the feet, you can hang your heels off the end to reduce pressure-sore build up. 

Health benefits of elevated feet and legs during sleep:

There are many health benefits to elevating the feet and legs during sleep, this includes reducing: swelling (including swollen ankles), oedema, pressure sores on the ankles, and more. Additionally, circulation can be improved, as well as supporting post surgery, by elevating the legs and feet. 

This can be done when lying in a bed or on a sofa.

3. To help prop you up in bed

pillow cushion to help prop you up in bed health benefits

Place the bed wedge behind you, resting it against your headboard with the thickest part at the bottom. A particularly useful position when relaxing - watching TV, reading, or having a nibble. The angle of the bed wedge creates a gentle slope which makes sitting up more comfortable.

Health benefits of sitting upright in bed:

As already mentioned, the comfortable upright position helps improve your comfort in bed, an especially important consideration for those who may be bed-bound, or otherwise in bed for extended periods during the day. 

This position is also useful in a high backed armchair.

The Best Bed Wedge UK

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