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How To Make More Money As A Chiropractor & Get More Customers UK

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So you are a qualified Chiropractor and are looking for additional ways to boost your income stream. We have put together a quick guide on how to get more footfall through your door as well as making more money whilst they are there:

Google Business Set-up

This one is so important. Having your business set up properly on google means that when someone searches for a Chiropractor in your area on the UK's most popular web search tool you will appear. You can do this even if you are working from home. Make sure your details are correct including opening times, phone numbers and address.

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Once it is set up, use it!

Once you have set your business up it should appear after about a day. You can then receive reviews for your business in google. This is the crucial part! When your customers are about to leave ask them to please leave you a google review of their experience. The more google reviews you have the higher you will come up when people search "Chiropractor Chester" for example. Reviews also validate you to new potential customers. If you have lots of glowing reviews people will want to book in to see you, over other practices. Reply to reviews you do receive, thanking your customers and make them feel valued to build more brand loyalty.

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Deal with new customers quickly

A new customer will want to be seen quickly as they are often suffering in pain. If you do not get back to them in a timely manner they will go elsewhere. Ensure you have an answerphone and check it regularly. Similarly check your incoming emails for new customer queries. If possible set up an online booking system so that new patients can book in with you in a simple and hassle free way, this is perfect if you see patients back to back.

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Offer discount on first visits

As long as your bed-side manner is pleasant and you are competent your customer will return and also recommend you. Offer new patients & friends/family of existing patients a 10% discount on their first visit. Also tell existing patients that they will get 10% off every time they recommend someone and they come in for a paying appointment. Make this clear to people by having a poster put up in your hallway or waiting area.

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Accept card payments

You should make your patients lives as easy as possible, accepting card payments is a sure fire way to get paid on time. Two options are Paypal Here and iZettle although check their fees and shop around.

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How to up-sell

As a medical professional you want to help your patients when they are not seeing you. Up-sell your treatments with products to improve their posture.

Drop shipping is a method of selling posture improving products directly to your customers without having to hold any physical stock. Simply show the customer a demo of the product and then take the customers name, address, product description and payment. We handle the rest and send the product directly to your customers house (alternatively they can also collect from your practice) and we also deal with our built in 14 day returns policy so if a customer does want to return a product you do not have to be involved.

About us...

We offer a range of lumbar supports, wedge cushions and our 'The Times' recommended Putnam Pillow. Which helps to align the spine during sleep. The pillow comes in 3 heights depending on the support the customer needs. We have sold to Chiropractors all over the world for over 40 years.

Please take a look at our website or click here for our products ranked in best-selling order.

All our products are designed and manufactured in the UK and have lengthy guarantees on performance.

If you are a chiropractor and are interested in our drop shipping program please call our office on 01752 345678 or email

****We can offer demo's of products to new trade customers at a heavily discounted rate.****

Alternatively if you would like to work with us to produce your own back support we would love to hear from you.

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