CPAP Sleep Apnoea Pillows - Your Questions Answered

CPAP Sleep Apnoea Pillows - Your Questions Answered

What is a CPAP Sleep Apnoea pillow?

A CPAP Sleep Apnoea pillow is a specific pillow designed to be used in conjunction with a CPAP machine. Whether you are newly diagnosed with sleep apnoea or an active CPAP use, our CPAP pillows are the perfect choice.

sleep apnoea pillow what is it?

Our Putnams CPAP pillows are recommended by the NHS and The British Snoring & Sleep Apnoea Association.

What is Sleep Apnoea?

Sleep apnoea is a condition where your breathing stops and starts while you sleep.

What is a CPAP machine?

A CPAP machine (which can be issued by the NHS) gently pumps air into a mask you wear over your mouth or nose while you sleep.

It can help to improve your breathing while you sleep by stopping your airways getting too narrow and reduce associated risks linked to sleep apnoea.

cpap pillow does it help and do you recommend?

Why use a CPAP pillow?

CPAP users who sleep with standard bed pillows experience discomfort and mask leakage reducing the benefits of using a CPAP machine. The cut outs of the specially designed CPAP pillow allow you to position your head more comfortably while wearing a mask, reducing pressure on the mask against your face. The compatible CPAP pillows also help to reduce mask leaks and keep the hose in place whilst using your CPAP machine at night. The shape of the CPAP pillow also provides additional support helping to reduce neck and back pain.

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Which CPAP (Sleep Apnoea) Pillow should I choose?

Our range of CPAP pillows include:

  • Original Fibre filled CPAP Pillow - ideal for those used to fibre or feather filled pillows - available in one standard size.
  • Advanced CPAP Pillow - our soft but supportive pillow which includes contoured ventilation recesses as well as the mask cut out - available in three sizes.
  • Memory Foam Advanced CPAP Pillow - our firmer Memory Foam supportive pillow which includes contoured ventilation recesses as well as the mask cut out - available in three sizes.
  • Travel CPAP Mask Pillow - an extremely light weight, smaller CPAP Pillow ideal for travelling.

Original CPAP Pillow fibre filled

Can I use the CPAP pillow for other breathing machines?

The cut out on the design of the CPAP sleep apnoea pillow makes it a popular choice for use with a variety of breathing masks including:

  • BIPAP or BPAP (Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure) masks
  • PEEP  (Positive Expiratory Pressure) masks
  • NIV  (Non-invasive Ventilation) masks
  • NIPPY (Non-invasive positive pressure ventilation) masks

 Choose from fiber filled, foam or memory foam bases. Also included in our range is the new Travel CPAP pillow!



What our customers have to say!

"This pillow made considerable difference to my sleep and comfort when wearing my mask- it's well made and designed/ I would recommend it to anyone using a CPAP machine!"

"This is a really good cpap pillow, it does what it has to do! Your mask stays in place on your face, and your neck and shoulders are supported in the right way"

"My husband was really suffering with pain around his nose and cheeks and couldn’t find a comfortable way to sleep with our traditional pillows and by chance l searched one night for a special pillow. The pillow is just brilliant! His hose no longer gets caught so he is finding that on waking his face areas are no longer very sore"

"Very comfortable and no mask leakages, so better sleep"

"Due to the cost involved I was sceptical and concerned if as a side sleeper I would see any improvement in mask leakage. My fears have been allayed, it was a sound purchase"



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