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Are Wool Pillows and Wool Duvets Comfortable?

Here at Putnam’s, we love to give you the perfect night’s sleep. What better way to do this than giving you the comfiest natural pillow and duvet, made from 100% local wool, here in Devon?

Creating a supremely soft chemical-free environment makes it all the easier to get a restful night’s sleep every night. To top this, we have the added benefit of a height adjustable wool pillow allowing you to simply add or remove layers of the pillow to suit your personal needs; as well as an 8-14 tog natural 100% wool duvet (suitable for Winter, Summer and Autumn).


What are the main benefits of wool pillows and wool duvets?

1. All wool is biodegradable: Wool bedding is naturally biodegradable.  But, what does ‘biodegradable’ actually mean?  A biodegradable material is one which is broken down by microorganisms in the environment, not posing any environmental hazard to the natural world. In the case of wool, it is composed of a protein called keratin, the same protein found in our finger nails. Keratin will break down naturally, but thanks to the tough structure of keratin, wool will not readily degrade whilst you are using it, making it an ideal candidate for a restful nights’ sleep.

2. 100% British Wool:  At Putnams we source all of our wool from local suppliers here in Devon, reducing the carbon footprint of our wool products.
With this in mind, our sleepless nights are kept at-bay as we are comforted knowing that all of our wool pillows and wool duvets are sustainable and sourced from our local farmers.

3. Natural Fire Retardant: Thanks to the high composition of carbon and nitrogen in wool, this composition naturally makes wool hard to ignite. Hence, wool has a greater level of safety compared to other synthetic materials, making it an ideal material for bedding and naturally free from chemicals.

4. Hypoallergenic:  Wool is progressively recognized for its hypoallergenic properties, particularly in bedding; it repels dust mites, is gentle to sensitive skin types and does not aggravate skin conditions. The wool pillows and duvets are perfect candidates for allergy sufferers searching for a soundly night’s sleep.

5. Supremely Soft: It might be great to know all of these added benefits of wool, but if the bedding is not supremely comfortable, where would we be left sleeping? That’s why over the past 5 years, we have taken our 40 years of manufacturing experience to ensure our wool duvets and pillows have the best combination woven into them. With this in mind, we also guarantee our wool duvets for 2 years, but they will far outlive this guarantee.

6. Chemical Free These days we are all too aware of the health risks of being exposed to chemicals. Pollution from vehicles or microplastics is often a hot-topic, however, should more attention be paid to the place that we spend 33% of our life in- the bed? Investing in your sleep is important, and poly-synthetic blends should be kept out of the bed.
As wool is a natural product; it is free from chemicals, making it the perfect option for ‘ewe’ to invest in your sleep.

7. Naturally insulating: The key to a sheep’s ability to endure the long, cold conditions in the UK winters’ is their wooly fleece. No matter the harshest of environments, sheep are protected from the bitter easterly winds from the north, remaining most importantly warm, but also dry. So, if sheep have this brilliant natural resource, why not use it ourselves?

8. Sustainable: Sheep are no longer farmed for their wool, but they do still require a yearly clipping as the wool keeps growing back naturally. By harvesting this wool, we don’t produce any additional carbon dioxide to manufacture it, using a minute fraction of what it takes to produce other synthetic materials, like plastic containing materials, making it a low- carbon sustainable alternative.


Are wool duvets and wool pillows worth the money?

Here at Putnam’s, we think so.
They may be a little more costly, but if the wool pillows and duvets are kinder to the environment as well as to your sleeping patterns, it’s a win-win situation.

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Putnams offer a height adjustable wool pillow  and Natural 100% wool duvets.  


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