What's hiding in your bed?

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Happy Halloween! Its not what's hiding under your bed but what's in it.


Keep it clean:

Mattresses should be replaced every 8 years. As they age they lose their bounce which can impede your sex life. They also build up high levels of bacteria, fungi and mould which thrive in the warm and moist conditions of your bed. All these baddies in your bed can lead to health problems such as coughs, chest and skin infections, sinus problems, weepy eyes and can exacerbate any pre-existing lung problems such as asthma and allergies.

So what can you do to reduce this build up?

Don’t make your bed as soon as you get up, leave your covers folded back and open your bedroom window to air your mattress. A mattress cover under your sheet will also help to keep it clean. Turn your mattress over every few months and vacuum the top side before use.

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If your pillow isn’t supporting your neck properly you can wake up with neck and back pain, pins and needles as well as wry neck (inflammation of the neck muscles). The secret to a great pillow is support. You must ensure your pillow keeps your spine straight when you are lying how you usually sleep. The Putnam pillow is recommended by chiropractors throughout the UK for its orthopedic design. It comes in 3 different heights depending on the distance between your ear and your shoulder ( 3 ¾ “(small) , 5”(royal) and 6”(king)). It is ideal for back and side sleepers with incorporated air channels to keep your head cool, it also has an ear recess in the center to remove pressure from the ear during sleep.

Keep it clean:

Changing your pillow case every 2 days (or reversing it) can dramatically improve bad skin (acne and spots). This is all due to the build-up of grime, sweat, oil and even hair products on your pillow case which can lead to blocked pores and infection. Our Putnam pillows come with covers, however we recommend using a pillowcase as well to further keep your pillow clean. It is also not recommended to use fabric softener when washing pillows cases as these can leave an oily residue which can further block pores.

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