How To Stay Cool While You Sleep


how to sleep in the heat stay cool

As it has been quite hot recently we have made a guide on how to keep cool during sleep. Read the 11 tips below for a better sleep tonight!

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Air Flow

Place your bed between your fan and your window this will help create a cross breeze over your body when sleeping. 

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Hang a damp sheet

Hang a damp sheet over your window to create a cool breeze in your room.

Pillow talk

Swap large fluffy pillows for firm replacements. Your head is one of the hottest parts of your body and a fluffy pillow will keep heat in and around your head for longer. We recommend the Putnam Pillow for back and side sleepers and the Front Sleeper Pillow for front sleepers.

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Try Damp hair

Go to bed with damp hair to help keep you cool while you sleep.

Upgrade your sheets

Light-coloured, lightweight linens are best for allowing your bed to breathe.


 water bottle freeze sleep

Freeze a hot water bottle

A great idea to keep you cool without getting water everywhere in your bed. 

Hang out

Not always practical but … sleeping in a hammock improves airflow; allowing heat to escape your body.

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Ice your fan

Place a bowl of ice cubes in front of your fan to create a cooling mist.


Wear loose fitting cotton sleepwear in bed or sleep in the nude.

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It’s a wrap

Wrap yourself in a damp sheet. A handy tip rumored to be used by the ancient Egyptians.

CoolMax fabric cool how it works

Upgrade your mattress

Swap your soft mattress to a firmer one, sinking into your mattress will keep you hot while you sleep, a firmer mattress will allow heat to escape your body more effectively. Also look for CoolMax fabric as this fabric is designed to remove moisture from your skin faster and so cool you quicker. All our mattresses are available with CoolMax covers.

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