6 ways to stop snoring

Did you know that snoring is bad for your heart?

Research shows that snoring has a significant link to an individual’s risk of developing cardiovascular disease. As well as being bad for your health it is bad for your relationship; a recent study found that 41% of snorers experienced issues with their partners nightly!

Here are some quick tips on how to stop your snoring :

1.)    Sleep on your side. When on your back your tongue can partially obstruct your breathing, causing your tongue to vibrate in your throat. This is less likely to happen when lying on your side. (Try sewing a pocket into the back of your pyjamas and putting a tennis ball in it – soon to break the habit!)

2.)    Avoid alcohol. Alcohol causes muscle relaxation of the oropharynx muscles at the back of the mouth, which causes… you guessed it… snoring. (Try not to drink four hours before going to bed.)

3.)    Don’t overeat. I know food and alcohol are hard to avoid at this time of year (it’s not called the party season for no reason!) but eating a lighter meal will reduce your snoring and also help you sleep better!

4.)    Stop smoking. Another reason to stop smoking! Your twice as likely to snore if you smoke!

5.)    Sing those Christmas carols! A recent study at Exeter University found that singing can reduce snoring. Singing the sounds “ung” and “gar” are the best for maximising muscular benefit. (Good king Wenceslas looked out, UNG the feast of Stephen, when the snow lay round GARbout, Deep and crisp and even...”)

6.)    Invest in a good pillow. Having a pillow that keeps your spine aligned is really important. However also having your head cradled by a pillow to the correct angle can also reduce snoring. We recommend our world famous Putnam Pillow. Its design maximises users comfort and positioning to get the best nights sleep.

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