Pancake Day – is your pillow flat as a pancake?

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Even a top of the range fibre filled pillow can suffer with migrating filling, meaning you end up with a pillow that is flat as a pancake – but there is a solution.
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How long have you had your pillows? Over time, your old fibre filled pillows may have lost the shape and support you chose them for, mean you’re missing out on support and comfort.
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Sleep experts recommend that we replace even the most luxurious fibre filled pillows every 2 or 3 years, with fresh covers every 3 weeks or less. The pillows themselves should be cleaned or aired every 3 months.
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But there is a way to avoid the problem of migrating filling and poor support.
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The Putnam pillow is molded from your choice of high density orthopaedic foam or decadent, luxurious memory foam. The molding process offers a superior finished product which will continue to support you for many years of use.

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Every element of the Putnam pillow has been designed to promote restful sleep: from the contoured ventilation that allows you to remain cool in the night, to the raised edge that supports your neck whether you’re a back or side sleeper. 
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Putnam pillows are available in a range of sizes from Child, for people who sleep with little or no pillow support, to King, ideal for those who usually sleep with 2 pillows. All the Putnam pillows fit attractively into standard size pillow cases, and are sold with a hand sewn fitted cover which can be removed and washed.
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So, has your current pillow passed it’s snooze-by date? It’s time to stop flipping your pancake pillow and invest in comfort with a Putnam pillow, designed and made here in the UK for over 35 years.
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Written by Ruby Coles.

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