Memory Foam Bed Wedge Benefits


Many people prop themselves up to sleep at night using pillows and other methods such as quilts etc. At Putnams we have been manufacturing for over 30 years and have a wealth of knowledge on sleeping and positioning products. Our top selling Memory Foam Bed Wedge is based on the classic and popular ergonomic shape of the original Putnam Bed Wedge, it brings an element of added luxury and comfort with great pressure relieving qualities.



The Bed Wedge is typically used to raise the head and chest which is known to help relieve problems such as a acid reflux, gerd and various respiratory problems. We use a high quality base of Putnam foam to maintain the shape of the wedge which is then topped in a layer of Memory Foam to give the product added quality for a great night’s sleep.
The Memory Foam Bed Wedge is multifunctional and can be used in other ways, it is great as a leg rest and elevates the legs to help with sports injuries etc. It can also be placed behind the back as a support to sit up in bed, this can put you into an ideal reading position.


As British manufacturers we produce the highest quality products and we also offer bespoke products in any shape and size, so phone or email us if you require this service. 


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