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    Sit on: Sero Pressure Office Cushion

    Reason: This cushion is the smaller version of our best-selling Sero Pressure Cushion range. It has a curved back and has been designed exclusively for use in office chairs. Our sero-pressure cushion range has been pressure mapped and subsequently proven to reduce pressure compared with standard cushions. It is sold and recommended by the NHS (plus 83.4% of our office sits on one).

    Additional: This cushion comes with the option of our 4 famous cut-outs which allow you to tailor the cushion to your bodies needs.

    Including the Coccyx cut out for tailbone pain, the Dr Huff cut out for prostate or post-natal pain, the Polo cut out (circular) for sensitive rear problems and the Bonyparts cut out for those who are very skinny with prolonged pressure sore problems.

    The cushion comes with a black stretch cover meaning that any cut-outs (if selected) are not visible to a passer-by.

    Lean against: 4” Lumbar Roll

    Reason: Sitting at a desk all day takes its toll on your posture. The 4” lumbar roll comes with an adjustable strap that holds the lumbar roll where you need it (in the small of your back). It helps keep the natural ‘S’ shape of the spine and in doing so improves your posture, reduces slouching, neck and back pain.

    Additional: This item is also sold and recommended by the NHS, it comes in 4 colours (back, blue, grey and beige).

    2 products
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