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    Sit on: 11 Degree Wedge

    Reason: This wedge helps level out “bucket” sports style car seats popular in modern cars. By creating a flatter sitting surface the wedge helps you sit in more comfort rather than being folded up.

    Additional: This wedge is also available with a coccyx cut out for those that suffer from tailbone pain. It comes with a cover in black, blue grey or beige as standard.

    Lean Against: Duo Car Back Support

    Reason: This back support comes with two memory foam inserts meaning you can adjust the amount of support within the product. This back rest helps improve posture on long and short journeys a-like by promoting good posture and therefore reducing neck and back pain.

    Additional: Available in black or tartan cover.

    Additional: We love this product in the car as the adjustable strap loops over the headrest meaning that it easily stays in place with no need for constant adjustment. 

    8 products
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