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7 Natural Tips To Reduce Back Pain

7 top tips to reduce & prevent back pain naturally
 1) Keep in motion
A good sport for back pain is swimming, because it makes your back muscles stronger whilst placing limited pressure on your spine. Move your body parts, which are painless. Don’t rest in your bed this will worsen the pain.
keep motion
2) Change your sitting posture
Due to our increasingly sedentary lifestyles we are  mostly sitting, for example in the office or in the car. At the end of the day the back is uptight. Changing your sitting posture continual helps. Lean ahead, sit straight, lean backwards. The back appreciates the muscular change between tension and relaxation.
3) Heat / Cold
Heat is great for back pain. For example a hot bath, the muscles can relax and it’s good for the blood flow and reduces stress. Sometimes coldness can help also i.e when it’s a sport injury or your muscle is sore.
4) The right mattress
It’s really important to have a good mattress, because sleeping problems can cause back pain and after all you spend 33% of your life in bed. The hardness grade is important when choosing a mattress, everybody has a different preference however it is important with a mattress that you have a firm / medium mattress when dealing with back pain prevention / reduction. If a mattress is too soft the spine will curve especially for users who sleep on their back.
the right mattress
5) Avoid Obesity
Every unnecessary kilogram strains your back, because you make a hollow back position and that burdens your spine. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle in combination with exercise (mentioned above) can have numerous health benefits.
6) Try to relax
Back pain has sometimes other reason than physical causes. Stress is one of the main reasons. There are ways to combat stress; for example you can have a massage or go to the sauna. That’s good for your stress, your back and who doesn't love some pampering?
7) Wearing the right shoes
It’s important to wear the right shoes. Preferably shoes which absorb shock and have a flexible sole. Try to avoid High Heels, wear as little as possible and carry a spare pair of flats in your bag or in your desk when heels aren't necessary.



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7 Natural Tips To Reduce Back Pain

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7 Natural Tips To Reduce Back Pain

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7 Natural Tips To Reduce Back Pain

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