New Memory Foam Back Support

In the build up to Christmas we have brought out the ideal present for someone who is suffering from a bad back. We have revamped the Rest-a-Back by brining out a luxury memory foam version. It is highly adjustable and will fit on almost any office chair, its ergonomic shape is designed to promote good posture whilst seating. We have been designing back care products for over 30 years and we are sure that this memory foam back support will be a great help to those with back pain.

The weight of the back support is counterbalanced on the other side which means that it is incredibly easy to adjust and is easy to get into the ideal position to offer the premium amount of support to your lumbar region. Our luxury memory foam moulds to your body with the users heat to give not only that amazing feel but great support.  View our new Memory Foam Back Support

At Putnams we offer a wide range of back supports so make sure you check out our back care section to view our complete range.

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