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New year’s resolutions & Pay Day Treats | Putnams

New year’s resolutions & Pay Day Treats

New year’s resolutions

pay day deal splurge treat

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have started the year with a sprawling and frankly unrealistic list of resolutions. In the cold light of late January, it’s time to re-evaluate those 2016 goals into something a little more realistic and manageable.


As we speed through January, you may not be surprised to learn that by this time most people have given up on their resolutions.
This makes sharing our ideas on how to stick to those resolutions all the more relevant, and could keep those goals within your grasp for a little longer.
It’s fair to say that most people’s new year’s resolutions are pretty predictable – and whether it’s eating better, exercising more or finally quitting smoking, there’s a common theme to being successful in those resolutions, and that’s getting a good night’s sleep.


new years resolutions smoking eat healthy exerciseWhether it’s a fresh set of bed sheets or a luxurious new pillow, it’s time to invest in your sleep – after all, you spend 1/3 of your life in bed, you might as well be comfortable!


So just in time for payday, here are my splurges to make your bedroom a relaxing haven, where you’ll have a better chance of having a peaceful night’s sleep.

High thread count bedding

-              Feel like you’re in a 5 star hotel with top of the range bedding. Don’t settle for anything less

Putnam pillows and mattress topper – with 14 day returns

-              Wide range of options, designed and made in the UK. 14 day returns, varied sizes and cover options

-              Putnams pillows are designed for back or side sleepers, and available in several sizes and colours with replacement covers available.


-              Mattress topper renews your bed at an affordable cost.  Our mattress toppers offer supreme comfort with a choice of ripple foam or sumptuous memory foam.

View our mattress toppers here.


Luxury pyjamas

-              High thread count cotton or silk, luxurious but practical.


A word of warning though - with all these additions, I can’t promise it won’t be trickier to get out of bed first thing!


How will you be treating yourself? 
Let us know via:
Have an amazing 2016!
Written by Ruby Coles.


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